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Real Estate Salesperson

The Marketer

Storyteller. Beautifier. Promoter. Advocate.

When it’s time for a client to put a property on the market, Megan takes charge.

Her job: to make the place look as fabulous as possible so buyers can see its true potential.

Megan is the team’s marketing wiz. When a client lists a property, she’s the one who arranges for lush color photography, a detailed floor plan, and creates a video tour worthy of the silver screen. Then she gets those top-quality images over to the big property websites like Zillow and If necessary, she even helps the client stage the house by bringing in furnishings to show buyers what it would look like with some personal touches.

Every house has a story, and Megan’s job is to tell it, in pictures and in words.

For more than a decade Megan has helped clients get top dollar for their properties, whether they’re Hudson River estates, bare plots of land, or one-bedroom rentals. She’s the person most responsible for getting out the word about the property and getting it in front of the best set of agents and buyers.

In short, Megan puts the sizzle in the steak.

Those same skills also come in handy when Megan is working as a buyer’s agent, helping people find the property that’s right for them. She is your trusted advocate.

She is able to show clients the property’s potential, so it can become their dream home.

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