The Benefits of Working With the Nancy Kennedy Team

The Benefits of Working With the Nancy Kennedy Team

  • Nancy Kennedy Team
  • 02/17/22

Buying or selling — or doing both simultaneously — is a stressful feat. Finding the right agent to navigate the market with you is key.

So why should you hire a realtor? And above all, what are the main benefits of working with the Nancy Kennedy Team? Keep reading for more information!

Who is the Nancy Kennedy Team?

Having a realtor is undoubtedly beneficial — but why should you consider hiring The Nancy Kennedy Team to help you buy or sell, or both?

The Nancy Kennedy Team is the top producing real estate team in New York’s Westchester County and Putnam County. They have been in business for decades and have decades of professional experience under their belts. If you are struggling with a real estate-related problem, they have seen and dealt with that problem.

Each member of this five-person team is a licensed real estate broker, and each specializes in different aspects of the buying and selling processes. The great thing about working with this incredibly intelligent and hardworking group of realtors is that you don’t really only get one broker — you get five.

They work non-stop for their clients, from the very first phone call all the way until closing day. When you are a client with The Nancy Kennedy Team, you are a client for life.

They have several accolades and accreditations — in their own words, they rock.

  • #1 associate in multiple listings service in Westchester - Putnam - Dutchess - Orange Counties - units sold and total dollar volume multiple times in 37 years of their career.

  • Ranked #1 by the Wall Street Journal in Westchester County, #5 in New York State, and #109 in the Nation by the Wall Street Journal Top Thousand Realtors Nationwide in 2018. Ranked also in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

  • They have accumulated over $1 billion in career sales and counting.

  • They have sold more homes than any other associate broker at Houlihan Lawrence consistently since 2005.

  • Nancy was the president of the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors in 2012, which is the 11th largest realtor board.

  • They were the recipients of the 2016 Albert P. Schatz Legislative Advocacy Award.

Why should you hire a realtor?

The question remains: Why should you hire a realtor in the first place? There are several benefits of working with a real estate agent as opposed to going it on your own, and working with The Nancy Kennedy Team heightens these benefits tenfold.

Real estate agents are here to offer guidance. They are that bridge between you and your dream home or you and the listing price you want. Working with the Nancy Kennedy Team will just take you one step above to getting your home sold and your dream house bought.

All five members of the team are well-versed in the local real estate market, and they will help you better understand its ins and outs. They know the area and the market like the back of their hands. If there is a problem you need solved or something you don’t understand, they will know exactly how to help you and can provide an unbiased, unemotional view of the situation. In difficult and competitive markets, they know the best way to get things done in the quickest way possible to make the process as painless for their clients as possible.

The Nancy Kennedy Team strives to get all deals done for the best price possible. They put in the hard work for their clients and try to get them top-dollar for their homes or negotiate prices to get their clients the best deals.

Real estate agents as a whole are well versed in the task of negotiation — one of the most difficult aspects of real estate. Whether you are selling or buying, negotiations tend to take place throughout the entire process. With 37 years of experience with negotiations, the Nancy Kennedy team has been around every single block and has seen every single problem that can arise during the negotiation process.

Negotiations tend to have many factors. It is a very layered process of buying or selling a home, and these discussions almost always have to happen. These negotiations can involve anything from repair and renovations all the way to possession dates. The Nancy Kennedy Team will not only be able to look at it from a professional perspective, but also from your perspective as their client.

This team’s experience is their biggest asset. They know exactly what to analyze and how to go about getting you your dream home or getting your home listed for the best possible price. Their experience has carried them for 30+ years, and it will continue to do so for years after. And with experience comes connections.

The Nancy Kennedy Team is incredibly connected to the communities they serve, devoted to helping locals and relocators find the perfect place to call home. The team is a resource that is fully equipped to answer many preliminary questions for sellers; as the home selling process can be stressful, the Nancy Kennedy Team is here to help you prepare to publicly list your home, sometimes acting as matchmaker with their vast database of buyers.

Real estate agents are also experts in marketing. Marketing and advertisement is a huge part of the job — it is the biggest way, especially nowadays, to get a home sold. Agents know precisely where to market your home. On top of regular advertisements (like newspapers and website ads), they are able to list your home on their website since you are their client. If they have a huge client base like the Nancy Kennedy team does, the chances of somebody seeing your listing for your home increases incredibly.

Of course, one of the major reasons to have a real estate agent has to do with closing. The close is one of the most important tasks in the entire process. Many factors can push a closing date back, but the Nancy Kennedy Team will be able to foresee any problems before they arise so you can close in a timely manner.

Do you want to know more information?

If you are interested in Houlihan Lawrence real estate or houses for sale in Cortlandt Manor, NY, contact the Nancy Kennedy Team for more information and someone will be able to help you with your inquiries.

From left to right: Megan Coxen, Paul Kennedy, Nancy Kennedy, Collen Coxen

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