Everything You Need to Know About Moving to White Plains

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to White Plains

  • Nancy Kennedy Team
  • 12/4/23

Not too far north of New York City is the community of White Plains. Whether you’re a native New Yorker looking to move and embrace a slower pace of life or a transplant from across the country experiencing the Northeast for the first time, White Plains offers something for everyone. Here’s what you need to know when moving to White Plains.

What is the cost of living like in White Plains?

Before you make a move to a new city, one of the first items you should consider researching is the typical cost of living there. This goes well above and beyond just the difference in home prices. Taxes, utilities, groceries, and other things we pay for on the day to day all have a giant impact on our wallets. If you make a move to a new place and suddenly discover that the overall cost of living is double what you’re accustomed to, it can be a devastating revelation.

Like many cities in the Northeast, White Plains has a higher cost of living than the national average. The majority of this is due to median housing prices being more than 50%. But when you compare the cost of this essential item to New York City, you’ll find that White Plains is a far less expensive place to live.

Statistics show that White Plains has just slightly above average costs for food and transportation and is in line with the national average for energy.

Home prices in White Plains have cooled some over the last year, but not more than the national average. Experts predict that the median home prices might dip a bit more before leveling off. This means that it’s a great time to buy if you are moving to White Plains.

Where do the locals eat and shop?

That there is no shortage of wonderful places to dine in White Plains. Moving to White Plains means having access to a wide variety of locally owned restaurants, as well as some of the standard national chains. The community offers cuisines of virtually every variety imaginable, sure to satisfy any palate.

Like many communities, White Plains is also home to a popular farmer’s market. Held every Wednesday from 8:30 am to 3 pm, this market hosts dozens of local produce stalls, hand-made wares, and other items sure to capture your interest. The market also presents live music throughout the late spring and summer.

The premiere shopping area in White Plains is The Westchester. Locals and visitors alike will relish in the abundance of shops and restaurants, which top 140 spots. Big names like Burberry, Neiman Marcus, and Gucci are hosted among unique local shops with their own flair and flavor. The center also has a large play area for your children.

Is there entertainment in White Plains?

While there’s no shortage of entertainment in the city, you’ll find plenty of things to keep you occupied in White Plains. One of the most popular entertainment amenities is the White Plains Performing Arts Center. This unique space is more than just the main stage productions it has hosted in the past, like Beauty and the Beast, Heathers, and The Little Mermaid. The venue is also home to a talented circuit of local community theater productions, various arts and education events, and touring performances.

If you are looking for a spot to entertain your children, look no further than Turnure Park. The park is a wonderful place to spend with your family on your day off, with two modern playgrounds, a bandstand for music, walking paths, and more.

Saxon Woods Park offers entertainment for the entire family. The 700-acre city facility holds an 18-hole golf course, a mini-golf course, a large swimming pool, playgrounds, and picnic areas. A trail system runs throughout the park and is popular with hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. The trails link to other ones in the area, giving trail lovers a chance to spend an entire day exploring the wonders of nature this area has to offer.

Moving to White Plains also promises a thriving nightlife. The various clubs, bars, and locally owned restaurants are great ways to mix and meet new people, as well as spend your evenings on the town with a date.

You’ll find that the thrill of New York City is only a short ride away

Though White Plains has a lot to offer the people that call it home, many of its residents are thankful that the heartbeat of New York City is thumping just minutes away. Traveling into the city takes only 45 minutes by car and about 40 minutes by train to Grand Central Station.

Being so close to the shopping, professional sporting events, museums, and everything else that New York City offers is a great amenity for those who choose to make their lives upstate. It gives you the thrill of the city without having to burden yourself with the higher cost of living, traffic, and other headaches associated with city life.

If you plan to relocate to White Plains, consider using a real estate pro to find your dream home

Moving into a new community can be quite stressful. As if finding a home didn’t require enough homework, you’ll need to also explore possible neighborhoods, get to know what schools are best for your children’s needs, and map out countless other amenities that are important to you. When you hire a real estate professional like those on the Nancy Kennedy Team, you’ll find experienced professionals that will not only find the home and neighborhood that are the right fit but will also work with you from start to finish throughout this exciting process.

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